Water vapor and carbon dioxide are the well known means of firefighting.
They coincidentally are products of INTERBLOCK steam generators' work.
This allows to use them where there is a potential threat of fire.

As soon as air temperature has risen up to the threshold, the steam generator
activates automatically and starts to deliver fire extinguishing steam-and-gas mixture
within just 15 seconds thus suppressing ignition. Moreover, the power of INTERBLOCK steam generators will be enough even to fight intensive and fast spreading fire.

Steam-and-gas mixture made by INTERBLOCK shows excellent kinetics. It spreads
at a speed of nearly 50 meters per second, which is considerably faster than water motion through a fire hose. The INTERBLOCK steam fills all the vacant space practically instantly causing neither harm to people nor damage to property unlike other firefighting agents. INTERBLOCK steam generators are an efficient and economical solution for fire safety.


Extinguishing fires and preventing ignitions

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