INTERBLOCK engineering company

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Steam innovations by INTERBLOCK.

Cheap and clean: low costs meet environmental protection requirements

Steam is the most valuable state of water.

Steam engines are a thing of the past but steam itself is still a driving force in industries.

Steam means efficiency and power of heaters.

Unequalled efficiency: 98-99%. Zero emission.

Do not throw steam away!

Compact instant steam generators reduce costs of fuel consumption
by several times.

At the same time, emissions are total zero as INTERBLOCK steam generators do not require smoke stacks.

Within INTERBLOCK, economy and ecology work together.

INTERBLOCK industrial steam generator

INTERBLOCK helps to make the transition to autonomous steam heating for all kinds
of clients — from industrial companies with their technologies and premises
to residential buildings and urban facilities.
INTERBLOCK provides innovations using steam.

Modular boiler rooms
featuring INTERBLOCK steam generators
are the most cost-effective and convenient solution
for heating of residential and office buildings.

INTERBLOCK mobile steam generators
are unparalleled for snow melting
around malls
and in urban areas

INTERBLOCK steam generators
perform in diverse industries
due to extremely high
efficiency and compact size.

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